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  • 01/17/11--08:31: By: Fazreen
  • Fight the plagiarism. But for me, I am not worry about people steal my work but am worry when they stop steal my work. You know what I mean. Cheers!

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  • 01/17/11--08:49: By: Bilal Ahmad
  • This is a very common trend now because of newbies coming to blogging industry. The always copy articles from popular blogs as they think it can help them.

    They don’t know that google can penalize there blogs for this, they don’t know that they can waste there precious time by copy pasting the article and getting nothing at the end. As they will have to remove it one day.

    All newbies are strongly advised not to copy any content from any blog. Write in your own words, only then you can build reputation in blogging industry.

    Try to be your self!

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  • 01/17/11--10:18: By: Nihar
  • Great post!

    Thanks for the information on how to hit back by complaining to google…

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  • 01/17/11--15:24: By: Hung Hong
  • Most stolen content cases is adsense autoblog that they use RSS feed.
    Google Adsense now does not allow un-original content.Stolen contents will decrease (hope that)

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  • 01/17/11--16:26: By: Aman
  • This blog focuses more on google adsense post like banning and other unuseful stuff (Do some good posts) ,Guys there are lots of other money making strategies other than Google Adsense(you can’t be rich by using Adsense it just makes your blog crappy) Just think bigger don’t think for pennies because if you doing blogging do it for passion not for this sucking adsense

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  • 01/17/11--22:19: By: Ankita Roy Chowdhury
  • This is a good idea to stop copyright violators. But I think there is another downside to it. If the adsense of the thief is stopped. Be sure he will go mad. But what if he retaliates back, by constantly clicking on your ads. Google will cancel even your adsense on “Purposeful Clicks”ground. It has been holding me up for long against complaining directly to google.

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  • 01/18/11--06:19: By: Oli
  • @jaqui
    Check out the FAQ on my website for a default DMCA template.

    I make several hundred dollars a month from adsense, it is definitely not a waste of time.

    The good mews is that gooe does not really ban for this. Google will not only track that the invalid clocks came from another IP/MAC address, bit also that those clicks ce from a defunct adse se account. Several unscrupulous adsense uses have had their accounts banned for clicking repeatedly on competitor ads.

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  • 09/05/11--08:49: By: Peter
  • Why not just take all the time you’re spending hunting down thieves and use it to create more great content? Should you be really spending so much time fighting plagiarizers? Is the potential risk of NOT having them take the content down worth the effort and time you’re taking to fight them?

    In my experience, people who are unwilling to write their own content are even less willing to promote it – so what are the odds that they’re going to outrank you or steal business based on the content?

    Lastly, before anyone screams “Duplicate content penalty”, lets be real: Google is pretty good at figuring this stuff out. I absolutely wouldn’t give it a second thought.

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  • 07/08/13--09:55: By: Sonny
  • Informative post Oliver. Like you I have been a victim of content scrapers. Not only do they copy some parts of the article but the whole content, word of word including the post title. I have filed a complaint to Google and still awaiting the outcome. The site uses Adsense program.